Healthy Air 800

£1,535.99 inc VAT

Size: 380mm X 360mm X 700mm

Coverage Area: 56-96㎡

Power: 80W at maximum speed

Weight: 15.8 KG

H1N1 Removal Rate: 99.9%

CADR (smoke): 780 m3/h

Filter: HEPA H13 + 'DNO' filter

Noise < 67dB(A), 36 dB(A) sleep mode

Air quality display: LED Digital Display

Sensor: pm2.5 laser sensor

This smart commercial air purification unit can provide pure, safe, healthy air in 5 minutes. In-vehicle pollution is hard to prevent, and to protect the health of the whole family, a quality air cleanser is a must have. Healthy Air 800 automotive cleansing unit is state of art pollution removal technology developed by leading researchers in Oxford University.

Triple-layered system with a primary filter, HEPA 13 filter and Pollution Eraser DNO filter. It can truly remove floating dust, Nox, Sox, PM2.5, pathogenic bacteria/Virus, pollen, odor, VOC, Ozone and pollute gasses from automotive effectively.

Built-in high-sensitivity air sensor can detect air pollution and display air quality level in real time.

H1N1 epidemic virus killing rate is 99.9%.


High Efficient DNO Pollution Eraser Air Cleansing Technology

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CFD Simulation Comparison with and without Healthy Air Purifier

CFD Simulation